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Palos Park Police Officers armed with a new crime fighting tool


Palos Park Police Officers armed with a new crime fighting tool: A Tough Pad mobile reporting, recording and dispatching tool!

Thanks to the Palos Park Police Foundation, Palos Park Police Department officers will soon be armed new crime-fighting tools: a digital tough pad which will equip officers with a computer Tough Pad outfitted with an application that can access a trove of police databases.   This app includes everything from arrest records to the text of 911 calls in real-time.

Police Commissioner Dan Polk said, “ Just about everything an officer  can access in the station they will be able to access in their patrol car, on their walking beat, as they're responding to a crime.” Polk noted, “this project is the future of the Palos Park Police Department and giving police speedier access to the databases is a significant officer-safety issue,"  

Chief Joe Miller, said Palos Park officers responding to a 911 call may get information about outstanding warrants, criminal history, and gun permits for people associated with the address.  Such data would provide an overview of the location that they are responding to, in addition officers would be able to capture footage from the scene on the street as things unfold.

The Palos Park Police Department is developing this pilot program to identify what the officer does out on the street and use technology to find a way to share this huge amount of information that can make the officer's job more efficient and safer. PPPD will try four Tough Pads, which will be issued by officers in the field perfecting the applications, making them as usable as possible and getting the officers' feedback.,  The Palos Park Police Foundation, is a private organization that raises money for PPPD initiatives.


Our Mission


Adopted by the Board of Directors on March 19, 2010

The Mission of the Foundation is to prevent crime, save lives, and make our community a better and safer place to live and work by assisting the Palos Park Police Department (the “PPPD”) with resources not available from the Village of Palos Park


PPPF Will Help Equip Patrol Officers


Written by Kevin Olsen

From the Regional News, April 29, 2010
© 2010 by The Regional. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Keeping Palos Park police officers safe from harm in the line of duty is the goal of a new nonprofit corporation, the first of its kind in the state of Illinois.


A Message from Officer Chris Hughes


Officer Chris HughesI have enjoyed serving the Village of Palos Park for close to seven years.

The members of the Palos Park Police Department have a personal connection with the Village and we strive to make the community a better place. Criminal activity knows no limits and Palos Park is not exempt from crime. However, the members of this Department take any criminal activity which occurs in Palos Park personally and it's our goal to ensure the Palos Park remains a safe community.


The Case for a Police Foundation


The Palos Park Police Foundation is a private/public partnership between the Palos Park Police Department and the grateful residents they serve. Crime affects Palos Park as much as any other community. Palos Park feels like a sleepy town, and our police officers work hard to keep it that way. They identify and arrest sexual predators, home invaders, con artists, heroin-addicted purse snatchers, and well-armed bank robbers. They routinely risk their own safety to stop wanted criminals who come here in the hopes of preying on our citizens. Their well-visit checks and cadet programs offer tangible and life-changing support for the most vulnerable citizens of our village.