The Palos Park Police Foundation


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The Palos Park Police Foundation gratefully acknowledges the gifts of our 2013 donors.


William and Marguerite Adams

Carol Ann Anderson

John and Adelle Aurenz

Mildred Bangert

John Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bartle, Jr.

Eugene and Jill Beechler

Eugene Bernardo

J. and S. Berzanskis

Adelaide Bialek

Wifred and Imre Boarden

Richard Bone

James and Nancy Bronson

Patricia Brozowski

Jean T. Buck

William and Lynn Buckley

Alex Buividas

Buona Companies, LLC

Geraldine Burke

J. Campione

Tracy and Shirley Carlson

Edward, Verna and Jane Cavato

Basil and Dee Chronis

Jean Cornelison

Karen Cunningham

Richard and Barbara Dickson

E & M Refinishing

Theodore and Sylvia Efimov

Edward Fowler

James T. Fox

Thomas and Mary Freeman

David and Sharon Gaichas

Barry Gaw

Kathleen Gizowski

Herb and Karen Goode

Phil and Melissa Gracias

Norah Greene

Bern and Phyllis Guentner

Hackney's on the Lake

Wendy Hail

Nancy Hartman

Lawrence and Loretta Herm

Thomas and Roberta Hett

Charlene Hill

Antoinette Hodor

Shirley Hulse

John and Florence Jachimiec

Chris and Adrienne Jackiw

Benjamin and Judith Jagodzinski

L. Jasaitis

Don and Pam Jeanes

Elaine Jennings and Karen Ferro

Alice Kodatt

Helen Koranda

Harvey Kornhaber

Jean Kruse

Robert and Maureen Lake

James Lambur

Susan Lang

Michael and Margaret Lynch

Jim and Drina Madden

Patsy Maki

Glenn and Roberta Martin

Marianna McCabe

Wayne and Beverly Meagher

Ray and Pat Mikrut

Angeline and Nancy Miller

William and Lois Monfries

D.D. and C.I. Moran

Dorothy Morrow

William and Annette Mucha

Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson

Edward Nykrin

Geraldine Page

David Palmer

Palos Park Woman's Club

Gloria Parise

J. Dare Perkins

Paul and Doreen Petriekis

Wayne Piersma

Alyce Pordugal

Linda Polky

Maureen Ranquist

Jack Reimer

Thomas and Marilyn Roche

John and Maria Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Ruzicka

Ray Rybacki

Mike and Faye Schimanski

Kathleen Schmidt

JoAnn Seminetta

Steven Shemanski

Emily Spero

Chester and Jacqueline Staron

C. and Maria Stavrakos

Katherine Strama

Martin and Kathleen Strubin

Ann Tassone

Richard and Cynthia Torpy

Ken and Jean Toth

Joseph and Catherine Uhrich

Katherine Vennetti

Jean Vevers

Herbert and Janice Walker

Marilyn Wangerow

Donald and Nancy White

Larry and Mary Ellen Wiles

Paul and Valerie Wisnoski

Nancy and Dale Wudtke

Stanley and Marion Wumkes

Rita Zimmerman

Loretta Zolfo

John and Eileen Zumerchik



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